Anne Sulikowski

composer of modern ambient, drone & cinematic electronics

Anne Sulikowski

Sound Designer, Abstract Artist & Composer

Anne has a talent for storytelling in her work. She creates atmospheres and textured environments that effectively engages, connects and transports the listener to imaginary places.

Armed with a vast collection of guitar pedals Anne is not afraid of experimenting in the studio. Her creative use of electronics allows her to achieve very unique and mesmerizing sounds. As a composer she paints with tone, arranging not only the setting, but a plot that conjures a myriad of images and emotions in the listener.

Her music has been featured in CSI Miami Seasons 7 + 8 and The Descending Documentary from the Ontario Life Network.

Anne works as a Gear Demo Artist showcasing guitar pedals, synthesizers and Eurorack modules. Her Demo videos are not the kind you are used to. She creates abstract films and then scores them using the equipment she is demonstrating. Her cinematic demo approach engages the viewer on many levels.

Abstract art is a recent addition to Anne’s creative endeavours. When she isn’t surrounded by gear she paints using oil on canvas. Similar to her soundscapes, her work is spontaneous, textured and expressive. 

Pedal Demos

Sit back and enjoy the sonic journey as Anne demos guitar pedals, pushing them to their limits ultimately warping time, and eventually space itself…

Film Score & Sound Design