Anne Sulikowski

ambient scientist

Anne Sulikowski

sound designer & composer

I’m a musician based in Hamilton, Ontario. I design sounds, demo gear and compose music for film, tv and podcasts. Armed with a vast collection of effects pedals  I’m not afraid of experimenting in my studio. My creative use of electronics and multi-instrumental approach allows me to achieve a diverse range of expressive sounds. 

There is a strong human element in my work, with equal parts freeness and focus. Every piece of music I compose tells a story.  Soundscapes that transport the listener to imaginary places. I have released over 26 full length albums, my music has been placed in CSI Miami and The Descending Documentary on the Ontario Life Network.

My gear demos are for people who love ambient + electronic music.  Musicians who want to discover new approaches and ways they can experiment with sound. I demo guitars, synths, modular and effects pedals. And reverb…I demo lots of reverb.  Forever drone.

patch chords

gear demos

guitars, synths, modular, pedals


I create all sorts of sounds using the signal path as an instrument

guitar pedals and a painting

fine art

Similar to my ambient soundscapes, my art  is spontaneous, textured and expressive. I paint using oil on canvas .

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