Pacifica 612

Yamaha - Pacifica 612

Someone once left the following comment on one of my videos. “Isn’t this the girl who plays one note and then twists knobs for 25 minutes?”

So this is kind of like that except it’s about six notes and 5 minutes of twisting knobs (praise the drone) The Boss DD20 has become an all time fav in my studio. Its long delay time has replaced the idea of a looper for my textures. The Mel 9 is the closest thing I have to a cello, so I use that often in my drones especially while I’m working on my albums.

I’ll record a long session like this and then sample myself and take it from there. The Chase bliss mood is my fav thing ever for knob twisting and the atmosphere reverb has become my go to, here I’m using it in smear mode, which is a delay that diffuses into reverb. I’m using the Yamaha Pacifica 612.

Thank you Yamaha for sending it over, I just love it.

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