Walrus Audio - M1

I love using modulation on synthesizers. It’s the perfect way to add texture and movement to soundscapes. The M1 is armed with 6 modulation types (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Rotary and Filter) Each type offers three different modes and six lo-fi parameters you can tweak to really customize your sound. You can select from three wave shapes, add in noise effects (like warble) and it’s also equipped with a drive and a space function which adds a “reverb”.

In my demo I process soundscapes using all six modes.

0000 – Chorus (Tri-Chorus)          01:57 – Phaser (Uni-Vibe Phaser)           03:17 – Tremolo Mode (Pattern Tremolo)           05:45 – Vibrato (Tape Vibrato)          07:35 – Rotary (Traditional Rotary)          09:14 – Filter (Bandwidth)

Thank you for watching my demo.

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