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Shift Line - A+ Astronaut

A+ Astronaut Modular is a eurorack version of the Astronaut III space reverb. I process one simple patch (2HP Pluck triggered by Marbles) through each algorithm. The demo is long because this unit is just so deep. It’s wild how the sound source transforms from a simple pluck to vast ambient walls of sound.


Algorithm Notes: Classic Reverbs

1. Room and Plate are classic reverb sounds. The CHARACTER knob controls pre-delay (0 to 200 ms). In Hold Mode, decay becomes infinite.

2. Spring and Modulated reverbs are exactly what their names say. The CHARACTER knob controls the “body” of the Spring and modulation rate for Modulated reverb. Space Reverbs

3. SkyNet and SkyNet-2 are spacious, futuristic reverbs with controllable DECAY. The CHARACTER knob provides mild low-pass filtering for SkyNet and high-pass filtering for SkyNet-2.

4. ShimUp and ShimUp-2 are classic shimmers with different sound characteristics. For ShimUp-2, the CHARACTER knob is a resonant low-pass filter on reverb tails. In ShimUp, CHARACTER is a resonant low-pass filter for the octaver, set at the input.

5. ShimUpDown combines the best parts of octave-up and octave-down shimmers with a few special ingredients. This algorithm works best for atmospheric, soundtrack-type music. The CHARACTER knob provides mild low-pass filtering . ShimDown is a reverb with a lower octave controlled by the CHARACTER knob. This algorithm works particularly well for thick bass lines. Set the mix to 100% wet for a nice string pad.

6. Universe M-1 and Universe M-2 are complex effects aimed at creating walls of sound. Sonically, they can turn your signal into an organ going through rotary speakers, a reverb, and a mild flanger/phaser. The CHARACTER knob controls the rate of the phaser in Universe M-1 and flanger in Universe M-2. Arpeggiators In the Astronaut Modular, arpeggiators add random notes from a selected scale to the main sound. The rate of changing the notes is controlled by the CHARACTER knob. The resulting sound is then processed through a reverb for good measure.

7. Eva Maj Arp and Eva Min Arp add major and minor arpeggios to the main sound. These algorithms work best for single notes. Select the Major Arp for a dreamy, cheerful and inspiring tone, or choose the Minor Arp for a more solemn mood.

8. Eva Octave Arp randomly goes through octaves and sounds good with chords. Eva Random Arp is quite unpredictable as it adds completely random intervals to the main sound Filters, Delays and Freeze Reverbs

9. Cm-112 Step Filter is an unorthodox filter with nods to effects that have become staples in electronic music. The sound goes through the reverb first, then through the step filter with an additional internal filter. This algorithm allows for a wide range of sounds via just two knobs. CHARACTER controls the step changing rate, while DECAY controls the depth of the filter and the mix between the dry and filtered sound. Mechanics Delay is a combination of short delay and longer reverb reflections for futuristic soundscapes.

10. Ping-Pong is a delay with repeats alternating between forward and reverse. DECAY controls feedback, CHARACTER controls delay time. Reverse Delay is a delay with reverse repeats. DECAY controls feedback, CHARACTER controls delay time.

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