Snare Trap

Rainger FX - Snare Trap

Make sure to listen in headphones so you can hear all bass drum sounds.

The Snare Trap is a beatbox you play guitar, synth or any other sound source through! It can be used on a desk (by hand) or on the floor (by foot). It has handy shortcuts to get a beat going quickly and you don’t have to program anything.

To get a beat going, push the red PAD button in, and tap in your tempo using the big pad (adjustable at any time with single or multiple hits). It has built-in delay, low-pass filter, side-chaining, beats and instrument mixed to a single mono output.

It even offers CV control where you can trigger the Bass, Snare and Hi-Hat sounds.

This is a rhythmic backing track configured to inspire musicians of all kinds. In my demo I create beats on the fly over drone soundscapes. I just adore the snare trap. I’ll b e using it with my modular setup in a future demo.

Thank you Rainger FX.

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