Acoustasonic Jazzmaster

Fender - Acoustasonic Jazzmaster

The new Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is the most versatile guitar that fender has made. It’s 4 new voicings sets it apart from its Strat and Tele predecessors. It also offers new electric voices courtesy of a Tim Shaw-designed humbucking pickup. In this demo I create ambient and experimental soundscapes using all 5 of the voice pairings. This guitar is awesome.

0000 – Voice Pairing 1A/1B Fender Electric Fat/Semi Clean /Fender Overdriven Electric Processed by Boss DD8 Standard Delay Mode + Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb in Smear Mode

0430 – Voice Pairing 4A/4B Mahogany Jumbo/All-Mahogany Small Body Processed by Chase Bliss Audio Mood

0628 – Voice Pairing 2A/2B Lo-Fi Piezo/Lo-Fi Piezo Crunch Processed by Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run

0831 – Voice Pairing 5A/5B Rosewood Dreadnought/Mahogany Slope Shoulder Processed by Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run

1022- Voice Pairing 3A/3B Rosewood Auditorium/Body Senor Pickup Processed by Boss DD8 in Standard Delay Mode and Dr. Scientist Atmosphere reverb in Alias and Octave Mode.

Thank you Fender.

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