Multi-Effects + Samplers

tomkat pedals - cloudy


Tomkat Pedals – Cloudy Cloudy is a digital pedal adaptation of the Eurorack module “Clouds” by mutable instruments. It’s focused on the real time granularization of incoming audio signals and their transformation into textures. I really enjoyed pairing it with the mel 9 in this drone.

Templo Devices SPLYCE


Templo Devices – SPLYCE Really enjoyed processing my voice in this surreal sounding drone. Here I’m using the SPLYCE mic mixer/clean boost from Templo Devices to input vocals through the block mode on the Microcosm from Hologram Electronics. But where is all the drone music coming from? That’s ALL the microcosm playing with my voice. …

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BIG EAR Pedals – ALBIE ALBIE is a collection of “stacks” of effects that characterize the new wave/post punk genres. It has two knobs, one to change the setting and one to blend in the effect. It offers 8 modes with secondary settings for each selection called “Neil Modes”. Don’t be fooled by ALBIE’s simplicity, …

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Poly Effects Digit


Poly Effects – Digit Digit is a quad channel delay, reverb, mixer & cab sim. Here I’m making all sorts of weird sounds using the Reverse Double Fripp Preset by altering the dry/wet volume, modulation levels and delay times. All parameters of the DIGIT can be easily controlled via the touch screen, making it super …

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