Shift Line - A+ Astronaut

A+ Astronaut

Shift Line – A+ Astronaut A+ Astronaut Modular is a eurorack version of the Astronaut III space reverb. I process one simple patch (2HP Pluck triggered by Marbles) through each algorithm. The demo is long because this unit is just so deep. It’s wild how the sound source transforms from a simple pluck to vast …

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Maneco Labs - Grone Expander

Grone Expander

Maneco Labs – Grone Expander The Grone Expander is a 4 voice touch controlled drone module, it has 2 Drone oscillators, 2 wavetable oscillators, 2 multi waveform lfo’s, a Modulated delay section and a Dirt stage at output. it can be used stand alone or it can be processed through grone external input. Here I …

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ae modular system

AE Modular System

AE Modules – AE Modular System I really enjoy processing the AE Modular with pedals. Here I’m using the Drone Rainger, Outward V2 and the Chase Bliss Mood. That combo was pretty multi-dimensional which resulted in this sci-fi drone.

Maneco Labs Drone Grone Synth

Drone Grone Synth

Maneco Labs – Drone Grone Synth Modular Soundscape using Maneco Labs GRONE DRONE, Plaits & Marbles The GRONE DRONE synth from Maneco Labs features a dark droning oscillator, MS20 style filter, noise, LFO and the expansive atmosphere of Clouds. It is perfect for creating all sorts of atmospheres. It is simply brilliant to combine all …

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