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walrus audio - m1


Walrus Audio – M1 I love using modulation on synthesizers. It’s the perfect way to add texture and movement to soundscapes. The M1 is armed with 6 modulation types (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Rotary and Filter) Each type offers three different modes and six lo-fi parameters you can tweak to really customize your sound. You …

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Walrus Audio - Polychrome


Walrus Audio – Polychrome The Polychrome Flanger is a uniquely colorful tool for adding modulated textures to songs. The Polychrome is a true bypass analog Flanger. You can dial in a wealth of colorful flange with the D-F-V (Dry, Flange, Vibrato) blend knob and the shape and voice switches. The Shape Switch lets you select …

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Spaceman Effects - Aurora


Spaceman Effects – Aurora The Aurora is an analog bucket-brigade flanger that gives you a powerful 5-mode modulation bus with 2 LFOs, 2 tape emulations, and a static comb filter. This provides several shades of flange, vibrato, chorus, phase, and filtery spatial effects with the lush sound of an analog signal path. The inclusion of …

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Strymon Zelzah guitar pedal


Strymon – Zelzah The Zelzah phaser is actually two phasers in one. You can use them together or independently. The left side offers a 4 stage phaser with classic, barber and envelope sweep modes. The right side offers a 6 stage phaser with three resonant options that covers lush chorus, flange and phaser sounds. You …

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EHX - Mel 9

Mel 9

EHX – Mel 9 Someone once left the following comment on one of my videos. “Isn’t this the girl who plays one note and then twists knobs for 25 minutes?” So this is kind of like that except it’s about six notes and 5 minutes of twisting knobs (praise the drone) The Boss DD20 has …

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Horrothia fx - TYPE ONE

Type One

Horrothia FX – TYPE ONE The Type One is a stereo analogue chorus ensemble effect. It is loosely modelled around the DNA of the Boss CE-1 from the mid-1970s. Both use a very unique LFO waveform unlike any other chorus or vibrato pedal. Like the CE-1, the sound quality is ethereal and encompassing, especially when …

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SolidGoldFX - NU-33


SolidGoldFX – NU-33 Vinyl Engine There is nothing more satisfying then listening to music on vinyl. The NU-33 is a lo-fi vinyl modulator like no other. It captures the vibe of some of your worn out records. It serves up chorus/vibrato, engineered hiss, crackle/pops to give your instrument a touch of vintage flair. It gives …

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