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old blood noise excess V2

Excess V2

Old Blood Noise – Excess V2 The Excess V2 is two effects: modulation and distortion. Each has it’s own footswitch to engage/disengage the effect. It’s armed with three modulation modes (Fifths, Chorus & Delay) and you can run the effects in parallel, with the distortion first or modulation first. The distortion offers Volume, Tone and …

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Chirality Audio - Splinter


Chirality Audio – Splinter The Splinter Overdrive offers a modern and versatile sound that works great on practically anything with an instrument or line level output. It offers a broad overdrive palette, from subtle harmonics enhancement to more complex textures. At low gains, it works like a clean boost, giving your instrument sustain. At higher …

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Valco Effects - KGB Fuzz

KGB Fuzz

KGB Fuzz – Valco Effects The Valco KGB Fuzz is a multi-function/tone-sculpting fuzz machine, designed to work within a sound-creation chain or as a regular standalone fuzz pedal (and everything in between!) The Variable Input Impedance works best with passive instruments (guitar/bass) and allows tone-sculpting with or without the fuzz circuit engaged. The voice selector …

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Pierrot Pedals - Quetiapine


Pierrot Pedals – Quetiapine The Quetiapine is your cure for sonic psychosis. It’s a unique blend of distortion, delay and pitch modulation. Here I’m processing guitar loops drenched with reverb. (Alexander Space Race + EQD Transmisser).

Fuzzrocious Pedals - Croak


Fuzzrocious Pedals – Croak The Croak is pretty wild. It gives you two filters pushed by a fuzz. With two filters you can find strange interplay between resonant sound peaks allowing you to create all sorts of intense sounds. Here I’m demoing it with the Fuzzrocious Afterlife Reverb.


Rad Sickness

ELECTROFOODS, ULTD – Rad Sickness The piles of volume and treble, as well as the EQ, make the RAD Sickness a handy solo boost. It makes reverb sound awesome. Here I’m pairing it with the SLO reverb from Walrus Audio and the Atmosphere Reverb by Dr. Scientist.

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